A message from the CEO

Hello. My name is Marcell D. Haywood, Chief Executive Officer of Encompass Onsite. Please let me tell you a little bit more about our passion for people and our road to success:

At 21 years old – I quickly realized that I was now one of many people searching for a place and meaning in life; and anxiously awaiting a chance to make a difference. With little money, no customers, and a freshly printed graduate degree; we set out to start what is today Encompass Onsite. What was once a conceptual sketch is now reality, and has quickly evolved into an incredibly meaningful movement for our employees, customers, suppliers and the Property Services community at large.

“Overall, we believe that the key to living a meaningful life is to aim high in
purpose, doing something that you truly love, with incredible people who
share the same values.”

Today, Encompass Onsite has evolved into a dynamic and diverse service company that creates value for its customers and better employment opportunities for engineers, housekeepers, groundskeepers, and service workers of all ages, races, colors and creeds. For our customers, creating an environment where people can grow and flourish brings directly to their doorstep a motivated, dedicated, and dynamic workforce of the industry’s most talented professionals. For our community, providing avenues toward success for maintenance professionals enriches local business as well as the neighborhoods in which we live and work. And ourselves – there is simply nothing more rewarding in life than being that beacon of light that tells others it is o.k. to be great.

“I like Encompass Onsite in many ways to the theme behind the movie Rudy.
Against the odds, our passion for the purpose we serve continues to fuel our successes.
Furthermore, our role as service provider, community leader, and employer all revolve
around the fact that we exist for those people who have always been told that they
somehow couldn’t or for some reason shouldn’t.”

Although the next chapters of the Encompass Onsite story are still being written, I invite you to join us on our journey as it will only get better and more meaningful as the next stages unfold. In the interim, for me and all the professionals across the country connected to our firm, we remain more passionate than ever about leading others to the source of their own greatness. Unleash your facility’s potential today and join us as we build the future, one solution and one smiling customer at a time.


Marcell Haywood CEOOnwards & Upwards,
Marcell D. Haywood, LEED AP O+M
Chief Executive Officer