Spark demand for prime Real estate

At Encompass Onsite, we understand that your success depends on creating a fantastic occupier experience for each tenant. Encompass Onsite provides an array of facility support services designed specifically for prime commercial real estate. On the heels of years of experience managing maintenance operations for some of the worlds most expensive commercial real estate, Encompass Onsite engineers, housekeepers, and grounds personnel are prepared to take your asset to the next level.


Portfolio Energy Management

Large commercial facilities general equate to large energy bills and rising operating costs. Encompass Onsite’s Energy Management Solutions help to curb the incremental costs of utilities utilizing best-in-class professionals and innovative technologies. Rely on Encompass Onsite’s proven practices to improve every inch of your facility management operation.

Value Added Services

Encompass offers its proprietary suite of Tenant Micro-Services® to provide occupiers with access to a host of services on demand, when and where they need them. In an increasingly competitive commercial real estate market, Tenant Micro-Services allow third party managers to add concierge-value in otherwise traditionally corporate environments.

Sustainability Moves the Needle

Encompass Onsite’s Green Program provides Energy Management, Waste Management and Green Cleaning Solutions to commercial office portfolios of all sizes and complexities. With the industry’s first registered LEED AP, Encompass Onsite can help your building achieve LEED EBOM certification.

Add value to the corporate environment

Reduce operating Costs with Encompass Onsite Solutions