The public dollar spent wisely

Encompass Onsite provides government agencies, cities, municipalities and counties with the technical expertise to tackle complex challenges safely and efficiently. Each governmental entity and its constituents reap the rewards of an experienced, best-in-class provider sensitive to the needs of the public. Encompass Onsite’s end-to-end solutions allow government entities of all types to benefit from efficiencies in large scale operations, maintenance & repair services, cutting edge energy management solutions and subject matter experts on demand.

Building maintenance for government entities

Improvement District Support Solutions:

With millions of taxpayer dollars invested in a district improvement plan, a comprehensive solution for ongoing urban maintenance is key to its protection. Encompass Onsite is adept at keeping our cityscapes in proper repair, clean and functioning with 100% guaranteed uptime. For any city, downtown areas provide a substantial stream of revenue and must offer clean and sanitary streets that continue to promote commerce.

Reduce Budgetary Pressure

Encompass Onsite has identified energy savings solutions for 95% of its municipal clients. Additionally, transitioning essential services to Encompass Onsite reduces risk, improves operating efficiency and maximizes each public dollar spent on community upgrades and improvements. With over 2 million hours invested in maintaining public property, efficiencies, reduced risk and better results are all part of the Encompass Onsite feature package. A thriving community truly depends on a prepared and knowledgeable support services partner.

Reduce risk and improve operating efficiency

Maximize each tax dollar spent with Encompass Onsite Solutions