Be a driver of patient satisfaction

Encompass Onsite Healthcare Support Services provides essential services to support the smooth operation of plant operations and environmental services departments. Our trained technicians, housekeepers and staff utilize diverse experience, systems and processes to provide optimal outcomes for healthcare administrators. Encompass Onsite Healthcare Support Services provides on-the-ground solutions for a healthcare industry that is forcing administrators to cut costs but still deliver the highest standard of care.

Environmental service for healthcare

Support Services for the Entire Continuum of Care

Encompass Onsite is the resource needed to deliver essential support services through the entire healthcare delivery continuum – to include hospitals to ambulatory surgical centers to medical office buildings. With over 3.5 million patient visits supported per year, you can finally enjoy guaranteed results from a proven healthcare support services provider

Proven Results

Encompass Onsite has a quantifiable track record of producing defined performance-based improvements. These improvements include:

  • Increasing HCAHPS and Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Improvement in Patient Safety
  • Improved JCAHO compliance with Environment of Care Standards
  • Reduced Operating Costs

Drive patient satisfaction and scores

Reduce operating Costs with Encompass Onsite Solutions