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Case Study

The Problem

Walgreens strives to be a leader in health and wellbeing. But with nearly 8 million customers interacting with its stores daily—and the lack of a scalable, sophisticated facility maintenance vendor in place—the company found themselves reactively handling basic custodial services. This reactiveness, naturally, led to irregular maintenance and a less-than-stellar customer experience.

While Walgreens did have an internal work order management system in place to drive compliance KPIs, such as work completion and on-site verification,  it was extremely difficult for them to find a service provider that was sophisticated enough to integrate its own systems and processes into Walgreens existing system.

Many of Walgreens other service providers had major performance issues, as information was not being effectively delivered to the front lines, causing missed and incorrect services—and KPI performance to slip to a less-than-standard compliance rate of only 18 percent. For their third-party vendors, the absence of the appropriate technical sophistication caused additional administrative burdens, making it difficult for the service to be profitable. This, in effect, reduced the quality of the service, affected KPI performance, drove up costs, and degraded the in-store experience.

The Solution

Encompass stepped in to assist Walgreens with a comprehensive set of services that met all their needs—across 1,400 locations. In addition to expertly integrating our internal software platform with Walgreens existing work order management system, Accruent, Encompass designed a thoughtful, preventative maintenance plan for ongoing services, which reduced exorbitant costs and quality issues tied to reactive services.

Integrating our work ticket system with Walgreens system gave Walgreens the ability to simply submit and scale work orders nationally—with any facility professional on the Encompass platform. The Encompass work ticket system’s geo-tagging functionality also confirms on-site verification and on-time work completion, which helps bridge the performance gap and embed quality assurance into our standard of service.

By allowing our managed partners to access our platform, we are able to reduce administrative burden and overall cost—benefits that we are proud to pass along to our partners at Walgreens.

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Our Quality Control Program
The Encompass Onsite Quality Control Program was designed to ensure reliable and consistent service performance based on how you and your company define success. Thanks to this program we’ve been able to achieve a 94% average QA score, a 96% average customer service rating, and 92% average customer satisfaction rating.
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