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Encompass Key Features

The simple solution for large and complex campus locations.

Workticket System

A do it all workticket system that includes scheduling, task lists, timekeeping, on-site validation, activity tracking, and team communication. Even better, our workticket auto generator eliminates unnecessary admin time for ultimate scalability.

Quality Assurance System

Not your average survey management tool. Outside of on-site surveys and management we incorporate triggered workflows based on results, embedding quality and accountability into the fabric of our company.

Project Management

From quote to completion our Project Management tool pulls disparate items into one interface so team members easily stay on track no matter the complexity.

Field Insights

Our team in the field can be the best source of intel. We take their input and provide data driven, recommendations at the space and asset level. Our field insights consistently driving cost reduction, cost avoidance, and occupant satisfaction improvements for our customers.

Real-Time KPI Tracking

From the field to the boardroom everyone has access to the most relevant data, whenever they need it. Workticket completion rates, team performance, quality, and compliance are just a few examples of what we track and report on.

Workflow Automation

From Request, to Workticket, to Quality Assurance, our desktop and mobile friendly application enables the best facility talent to work in the most efficient manner possible. From anywhere.

We made something just for you

Our customer app is curated to include just the things you care about.


The data you need, for ultimate control

From your desk, to the field. Our dashboard allows us and you to control outcomes and ensure best in class results.

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Better Workflows

Unlock more time, make better decisions

Our platform ensures you and your team spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on high value activities.

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Our performance tracked, so you don’t have to

We provide access to real time activity and quality assurance data that speaks for itself.

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Field level insights,
from your desk

You can’t be everywhere. Our platform scalably ensures our team of experts becomes your eyes and ears, wherever we work.

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Reporting, when you need it

From excel spreadsheets, to real time dashboards, we offer the reporting that meets your team right where they are.

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