A letter from our CEO

What began as a service business helping customers improve the cleanliness and appearance of their properties has since become something much more profound: Encompass keeps spaces and places ready so millions of people can live their best life.

We accomplish this through our unique product offerings designed to give facility owners a modern playbook to better operate their physical spaces; be it campuses, portfolios, buildings, suites or spaces.

The attributes that have made the facilities management industry dependable for generations – steady growth, and an everlasting service mentality – has also contributed to a lack of progressive thinking along the way.  In fact, I am often asked why our team and I have chosen to build a company in the age-old facilities industry.

"My response is simple:  Encompass is a once-in-a-generation company.  We have assembled a community of professionals like none other and the opportunity ahead for all of its customers, employees and partners is enormous."

In 2004, Encompass was born out of a serendipitous conversation in a restaurant.  The initial outline of what the Company would later become. Building Encompass into a national leader has required a willingness to challenge conventions and change traditional ways of thinking.  Over the last decade, as the needs and preferences of our customers have changed, we’ve changed too with the goal of staying several steps ahead.

Our product and operations teams are solving some of the most difficult problems as they merge the physical and digital worlds for facility operators.  And our talent teams provide a place where the world's top service experts can do their best work.

Today we’re on the verge of evolving into something different once again:  a digital and services platform that connects teams of service experts with building owners in need of coordinated, programmatic and cost-effective facility services.

Taking this step means that we will more deeply meet the needs of all customer types regardless of size or geography.

Because we’re still building toward our vision, we continue to operate with an eye toward the future.  We will optimize for the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, both external and internal (employees).  The strength and cohesiveness of our management team will be constantly improved, and we will continue to nurture a culture that rewards teamwork and long-term commitment to our customers and each other.

Our impact now spans 6,000 locations, hundreds of millions of occupants and one of the nation’s most robust digital and physical platforms for facility services.  Most importantly, our continued success will come from exceptional execution and the strength of the delivery platform we, and our customers, have worked so hard to build.

I want to close with my commitment to you:  Our team and I will not be perfect, but we will listen intently to truly understand your needs, goals and passions for the work you do in our industry.  We will ensure that we treat our customers, team members and the communities in which we operate with enduring love and respect; and we will carry out our responsibilities with courage, humility and above all else, integrity. As a testament to this commitment, you can always reach me directly at m@encompassonsite.com should you wish to reach out at anytime.  

Thank you for your trust in the men and women of Encompass and your everlasting support.  We are extremely grateful and excited for this opportunity to achieve great things, together.

Image of Marcell Haywood smiling.
Sincerely, Marcell Haywood
Marcell Haywood - CEO

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