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When you need to keep a campus up to code
Managing large or scattered facilities is like being the mayor of a mini town and it's not easy. Encompass is here to help as your all encompassing facility service partner. Our team will be your team - connected and empowered by industry-leading technology.
When you choose Encompass you can expect a clear difference

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Overall customer service rating


Ticket completion rate

Our Capabilities
Janitorial & Custodial
Floor Care
Carpet Care
Window Washing
Pressure Washing
Preventative Maintenance
Onsite Surveys
HVAC & Mechanical
Plumbing and Electrical
Exterior Cleaning
Snow Removal
Construction Cleaning
Value-Added & Quality Assured
Offered With Every Monthly Encompass Service Package
Consolidate & simplify with Encompass

Encompass One can replace, integrate with, or become your CMMS - providing a simple and streamlined service experience. From KPI dashboards to workflow automations, we have the features you need to manage more with less.

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We translate your SLA's to digitally verifiable worktickets and quality assurance surveys. Systemizing reliability.

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Resolve your labor shortage issues and enjoy peace of mind from greater supply surety by partnering with Encompass. We provide top-tier talent in the following categories: custodial, engineering, and groundskeeping.

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We solve real-life customer challenges with purpose driven innovations, from chemical-free cleaning to drone-enabled building maintenance services.

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Facility Software That Ensures Service Quality
Our easy to integrate CMMS software and mobile app is the backbone of our highly reliable service programs. Campus facility managers can use our software platform, Encompass One, to step back and look at the big picture. Not only can you manage numerous work tickets, our quality assurance surveys gives you viability into the field and our KPI dashboard tracks performance over time.
Our Team is Your Team
From custodians to technicians, landscapers to mechanics, and dedicated customer success - Encompass hires only the best of the best! Our vetted, background checked and trained industry professionals will act as an extension of your team. By partnering with Encompass, you'll get a full team of facility professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your KPIs.
Compliance Crazy & Quality Obsessed
We know how difficult it can be to manage a large facility or sprawling campus, which is why we make it easy by using technology to ensure proper process adherence. With Encompass you can be assured that your compliance and regulatory requirements are met. You'll also come to expect regular communications and QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) from your Program and Operations Managers so that you are always in the know.
Reimagining Service Delivery To Reach new Heights With Aerial Ops
As industry pioneers, we are dedicated to providing our customers access to the innovation they've been waiting for. Our latest innovation currently in development for our campus facility managers is our Encompass Aerial Ops services, where we use drones to complete services like building or window washes faster, safer and cheaper than traditional methods.
Encompass H3O
Chemical-Free Cleaning
Our H3O devices transform water into a powerful and chemical-free cleaning agent. H3O is faster working, safer, and stronger than traditional chemical cleaners.
Case Study
Long Term Partnership Founded on Trust
Walgreens was experiencing substandard service and a lack of accountability from their providers resulting in stores going without necessary maintenance for over a year. In three months Encompass was able to train and onboard 70+ facilities service professionals, across a four state area, and increase service quality by 35%.

customer satisfaction rating


Improvement in SLA compliance


Increase in service quality


Net cost reduction

The Value We Offer
Why Our Customers Love Us
We’ve built a national network of top facilities management professionals and empowered them with the best technology in the industry. With Encompass, you'll get peace of mind from your end-to-end facility services provider.
Fool-Proof Quality Assurance
Technology-Enabled Services and Quality Assurance​
We've developed a fool-proof quality assurance process - for every work ticket issued we provide geo-location verification and photo confirmation of service completion so you don't have to be onsite to know the job was done right.
Bundled Value-Adds
Encompass One and Virtual Inspections Included
We include our Encompass One CMMS software and Onsite Surveys Services with every Encompass monthly service package as value adds. We do this because we are able to ensure service quality, consistency and scalability by bundling our solutions into holistic packages.
Proactive Planning & Service Recommendations
Two minds are better than one
Working with Encompass means you have someone to help you work towards your goals and KPIs. After establishing KPIs we'll proactively identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
Building Spend Optimization
Bring down costs without cutting on quality
We use historical data to eliminate unneeded work and proactively flagging future problems that can be avoided with preventative maintenance. This approach to cost cutting ensures quality doesn't suffer by saving smarter.
CMMS API & Integrations
Replace, Integrate or Implement - the Choice is Yours
Encompass One can either integrate with or replace your existing CMMS platform.​ We have integrations for: Service Channel, FM Pilot​, Corrigo​, Fexa, Verisae​, and Service Insight. We also offer fully custom API integrations for our Enterprise and IFM customers.​​
Nationally Certified MBE
NMSDC 2023 National Supplier of the Year
We are a nationally certified MBE that has been recognized as the National Supplier of the Year by NMSDC for our operational excellence, company growth, and community contributions.
Measurable Success
Real-time KPIs & Service Data
No more wondering and manually double-checking that tasks have been completed. With real-time performance data you know exactly what's going on.
Quarterly Business Reviews
Performance Driven
We see ourselves as your true partner that's why we conduct QBRs to ensure we are hitting the mark and meeting, if not exceeding, your goals.
Dedicated Account Support Team
Call us anytime, we're here for you
Your dedicated account manager and support team will be people you know by name who are ready to answer your call. They'll be your proactive partner dedicated to achieving your KPIs.
Reliability & Peace of Mind
People You Can Count On
Encompass’s first-rate team of dedicated individuals are some of the industry’s most reliable and professional. Many facilities managers struggle to maintain a dependable workforce, dealing with workers who fail to report to work as scheduled or perform poorly. With us that will become a pain of the past.
Bespoke To Your Needs
Flexible, Nimble & Accommodating
Encompass understands that different companies have their own unique regulations and restrictions that impact their facilities operations and budgets. We have the ability to customize our services to align with your specific needs whether they are related to cleanliness, safety or cost.
High Hiring Standards
Trust & Security
Our strict hiring process includes through vetting and background checks. We know that you need to be able to be confident in the people who come into your space which is why we ensure that each and every person under the Encompass Banner is trustworthy.
Safety Obsessed
Safety First, Second & Last
The physical safety of the occupants and users is the top priority for most facilities. Whether it is routine maintenance like making sure the lights are working and walkways are clear, or personnel trained on identifying hazards or risks and fixing them before they cause losses, Encompass can help reduce risk and avoid injuries.
Industry Sustainability Experts
The planet will thank you
With our eco-friendly products and facility concierge services, we can help meet your ESG goals. As industry experts in sustainability we are able to reduce your carbon footprint without increasing your costs.
How to Get Started
Let's talk.
Someone from our team will reach out to help answer your questions.
Intel & Insights
Encompass Named National Supplier of the Year by NMSDC
We are proud to share the news that Encompass was awarded The National Supplier of Year Award by the NMSDC at its 2023 Annual Conference & Exchange.
7 Things to Look for with your Long-term FM Services Provider
You might have a contract with an FM vendor. They make sure everything is in working order, manage housekeeping, and take care of occupant complaints. But are you getting everything that you need?
3 Strategies for Reducing Facility Spend
Reducing your facility costs doesn't mean you have to cut corners or sacrifice quality. On average, Encompass is able to reduce customer facility costs by 15%. This is possible thanks to our Building Optimization Programs. Building Optimization Programs are what we call our process for increasing building performance and reducing facility costs.
Case Study
Long Term Partnership Founded on Trust
Walgreens was experiencing substandard service and a lack of accountability from their providers resulting in stores going without necessary maintenance for over a year. In three months Encompass was able to train and onboard 70+ facilities service professionals, across a four state area, and increase service quality by 35%.