Encompass H30
Hospital grade Chemical-Free Antimicrobial Cleaner
Cleaning Agent Performance Metrics
6 Log

Reduction in living microbes


Microbial killing power

5 Second

Disinfection dwell time


Avg. device uptime over 3yr period


Reduction in chemicals costs


Reduction in sanitation labor

Patented Product
We provide our customers a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional chemical cleaner. Encompass H3O is Green Seal certified, FDA approved and third-party lab tested for safety and efficacy.
The Science
How It Works
Our patented H3O devices are able to generate Aqueous Ozone from tap water by imposing a high voltage alternating current across a dielectric discharge gap that contains an oxygen-bearing gas.
Plug and Play 1-Day Installation
Our proprietary unit, just 16" x 20" x 11" in size, attaches to any water source and can easily be installed in any facility closet in minutes.
Created from tap water
As water runs through the unit the device injects an ozone atom into the H2O molecules, creating Aqueous Ozone, or H3O.
Cleaner is generated
Each device generates 1-3 gallons of solution per minute, which is effective for 8 hours.
Multiple Applications
Once the water has been converted to H3O it can be applied through standard devices including spray bottles, wet mopping and sponge application.
H3O Kills on Contact
The one loosely bound third atom allows the molecule to attack bacteria by getting under the biofilm and bursting the membrane wall.
Easy and Safe Disposal
After approximately 8 hours H3O automatically reverts back to tap water and can be safely disposed of by pouring down any drain. This is because the loosely bound third atom will naturally unbind after an 8 hour period.
Standards & Certifications
Certified Safe & Effective
Green Seal
FDA Approved
USDA Approved
Exceeds OSHA Standards
Exceeds WHO Standards
Registered EPA Product
USDA Certified Organic
Chemical-Free Cleaner
A sustainable solution
Encompass H3O provides a way forward for facilities to rid themselves of toxic chemicals, reduce landfill waste, and eliminate carbon emissions from transportation. H3O can lower your chemical related carbon footprint as much as 95%. This proprietary technology, developed in response to our clients' desire to meet sustainability goals while improving safely in the workplace, is a game - changer that will simultaneously reduce your costs and your carbon footprint.
Reduce Risk
Safe than Chemical Cleaners
H3O is a non-toxic, non-caustic cleaner that greatly reduces the risk of employee accident or injury. Its fast and powerful microbial killing capabilities reduce risk of infection to building occupants.
Supply Surety
Onsite Production
Onsite production using common tap water means that you are no longer vulnerable to supply chain disruptions or chemical shortages. Not only does H3O reduce or eliminate the need for outside suppliers, but it can be manufactured in minutes and on demand.
Independent Verification
3rd Party Tested
Hard Surface Testing completed by a certified FDA approved lab has proven a 6 Log reduction on Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Campylobacter microorganisms on hard surfaces. H30 is even able to disinfect hard-to-reach areas with the power to kill 99.9999% of harmful microbes. Unlike traditional chemical products, this hospital grade disinfectant is safe to handle and easy to use.
Initial Pilot Program
The H30 Origin Story
This technology was first trialed in a cancer research setting where complete disinfection was mission critical. Effectiveness was verified through ATP Hygiene Monitoring, which measures levels of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP: a molecule found in all living cells and acts as an indicator of whether an environment is properly cleaned) on surfaces.
H3O Applications
Customer Use Cases
General Purpose
Glass Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner
Floor Cleaner
Carpet Cleaning
Hand Sanitizer
Odor Elimination
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Food Cleaning
Onsite Requirements
Plug & Play

30x24 in space plus a 1x1 ft meter box


Tap water line or portable water source


110 volt electrical connection


Encompass customer

Cleaners Comparison
Encompass H3O

FDA Approved
EPA Approved
Green Seal Certified
Made In The US
Avg Logs
Dwell Time
Active Lifetime
Leaves Biofilm Residue
Chemical Residue
Safe To Handle
Requires Chemical Mixing
6 Logs
5-20 Seconds
8 Hours
2 - 4 Logs
99% - 99.99%
5-12+ Minutes
Other Ozone
2 - 4 Logs
99% - 99.99%
5-12+ Minutes