industry-leading Software Platform
Encompass One
Industry Leading CMMS
Computerized maintenance management system
Sophisticated Software - Simple User Experience
Our proprietary CMMS platform is the backbone of our operation, and enables us to deliver a consistently superior experience for our customers.
Features & Functions
KPI Dashboard
Digital Work Tickets
API & Integrations
Asset Management
 Service Spend Management
 Labor Budgeting
Virtual Inspections
Service Verification
 Service Automations
Maintenance Planning
Smart Notifications
Dashboards & Reporting
See The Big Picture
Our KPI dashboards provide a centralized location for all critical metrics, data points and updates related to the state of your facility maintenance program. This enables you to quickly understand the performance of your facility service program and uncover trends and insights.
It's Up To You
Integrate, Replace,
Or Implement
Already have a CMMS and not excited about making a switch? No worries. Encompass One can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Alternatively, if you are looking to implement a CMMS for the first time or replace your existing tools we can help!

Available Integrations: Service Channel​, FM Pilot​, Corrigo, Fexa, Verisae and ServiceInsight​. We also offer fully custom API integrations for our Enterprise and IFM customers.
Technology enforced Processes
Service Verification & Quality Assurance
The key to operating reliably at scale is proper processes. That's why we've built various pieces of our SOPs into our software platform. By using technology to enforce processes focused on quality and verification we are able to ensure our customers are receiving the best service possible.
Partner Matching
Connect To Our National Service Network
Encompass One enables our customers to leverage our national network of service providers. Our platform automations can even match your service worktickets to the perfect service providers, meaning work can be completed faster and with less administrivia.
Mobile App
Freedom From Your desk
Our mobile app offers a streamlined experience for those in the field - designed to help facility professionals get more done while onsite. Available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Encompass LUNA
Your Future
AI Assistant
Coming Soon: Encompass LUNA - one of the newest features to the Encompass One platform. LUNA is like having a personal assistant standing by to answer your questions and remind you about pressing items. Over time LUNA will get smarter and be able to proactively suggest services based on historical data.
Workticket Submission
Created from tap water
As water runs through the unit the device injects an ozone atom into the H2O molecules, creating Aqueous Ozone, or H3O.
Cleaner is generated
Each device generates 1-3 gallons of solution per minute, which is effective for 8 hours.
Multiple Applications
Once the water has been converted to H3O it can be applied through standard devices including spray bottles, wet mopping and sponge application.
H3O Kills on Contact
The one loosely bound third atom allows the molecule to attack bacteria by getting under the biofilm and bursting the membrane wall.
CMMS Comparison
Encompass One

Business Size
Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large Enterprises
Pricing Model
Platform Supported
iPhone App
Android App
Customer Support
Video Tutorials
Phone Support
Online Support
Account Manager
User Experience
Ease of Setup
Ease of Use
Ease of Maintenance
Intuitive UI
Real-Time Data
Data Security
Value Add
Traditional CMMS
Intel & Insights
New Features
Introducing The Encompass One Mobile App
We are excited to announce the Encompass One Mobile App is now available for IOS or Android! Our native built app will upgrade your onsite experience. Download today to start enjoying freedom from your desktop.The new App was designed by Encompass for FM professionals, with your specific challenges and pain points in mind. The features are all designed to help you get more done, faster and better than ever.
New Features
Product Feature Launch - A New and Improved Quality Assurance Tool
Our product vision is to digitally redefine and set the standard for the way B2B facility services are delivered and consumed. The Quality Assurance program is a pillar of that experience, so it's only fitting for us to continually innovate. This launch delivers significant impact to our front line team members, and to our customers.