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Encompass has a wide range of services for all life cycles of buildings. Learn how Encompass helps facility managers with:

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Daily Operations
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Longterm Planning
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Our Services:

Facility engineering for your building portfolio

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You shouldn’t only hear complaints about your facility management partner. We provide 360 degree visibility through our platform into all requests, service activities, outcomes, and much more. What we know, you know, which keeps you informed and in position to make every decision an educated one.

We are the ground team, for any threat

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Encompass can support your existing programs with infection containment services of all types. Highly trained teams, armed with state of the art disinfection systems that can be dispatched to where we are needed most, within 48 hours.

We keep your systems running at peak performance

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Our preventative maintenance programs keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems maintained at peak performance. We bring in the expertise, and use our platform to manage tickets and maintain asset records so your capital planning budget stays in tact.

Service options for special projects, or the status quo

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Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry (PEC) tasks are managed efficiently through the Encompass platform, either through the application of in-house expertise or leveraging our curated network of partners. Whether it’s a special project, or the status quo we have the solution you need.

Its how we got started, our bread and butter

Two persons conducting housekeeping and custodial services.

Clean and attractive surroundings not only keeps facilities pleasant, but more productive. We are known all over the nation over for unrivaled expertise in housekeeping and custodial program delivery. Although we have come a long way evolving into an end-to-end facility management company, we continue to pioneer innovation and world class outcomes for housekeeping and custodial services.

Curbside appeal, isn't just for homes

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Tidy, healthy grounds make a great first impression and are a reflection of your company or institution's professionalism. Encompass is a leading provider of integrated exterior grounds maintenance, providing coordinated care to efficiently maintain parking lots, landscaping, curbs and areas external to the building envelope.

Utilize our scalable systems and processes

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From vendor management, to curating experts, to helping manage workflows for your internal staff, Encompass provides best in class processes and technology directly to you. With our managed services you can rely on one company to deliver the consistent results you are looking for.

The first impression your project deserves

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With all the complexities you face around delivering an amazing end-product for your customer, it’s easy to forget that first impressions really matter. We make it simple by providing reliable best in class service, at a fair price. Once you work with us, you will never go back.

We do it all, which can come in handy

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Outside of our standard services, you may simply need something out of the ordinary. Perhaps there is a big event you need help with, an irrigation system to fix, or a sustainability project to implement, simply ask as we have likely done it before.

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