Inspections & Insights
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Proactive Problem Solving
The Best way to deal with problems is unsure they never happen
Encompass Inspections is key element of our proactive maintenance strategy. We use a mix of industry professionals and industry-leading AI to identify potential issues and proactively provide service recommendations and quotes. This way that crack in your sidewalk doesn't become a lawsuit and increased insurance premium - saving you money and stress.
Value Add & Quality Assured
Included in Encompass Service Packages At No Extra Cost
We always include one or more of our inspection services as a value add to our customers because we believe it is critical for facility managers to have visibility into the field. We are able to include these services at no additional costs by conducting these inspections while onsite servicing your facility. The data and media collected during the inspection is then upload to Encompass One for a seamless user experience.
Onsite Survey
Onsite & On the Job
For Encompass Campus & Encompass Enterprise customers, our onsite managers are available to walk your facility and identify any potential issues. If they find anything amiss they will let you know ASAP, so that small issues don't snowball into big problems.

We are also currently piloting a version of this service that uses autonomous robotics and AI to survey large campuses where robots conducting the surveys is more efficient, cheaper, and safer.
Virtual Inspections
Trust But Verify
For Encompass Multisite and Encompass Enterprise customers we offer virtual inspections in order to provide you greater visibility across your numerous locations. These standard site inspections includes photos & video of your facility and are included as a value add to your service package.
LIMITED ACCESS: Aerial Inspections
Bird's Eye View
Unlock a new perspective - see your facilities from any angle with aerial drone footage from above. Our drones can capture the entire exterior of your facility in 4K detail and with thermal imaging. This means you can see a leak in your roof forming before it even happens!

*This service is currently only regionally available for Encompass Enterprise customers.
COMING SOON: Immersive Inspections
Look Around With Immersive Inspections
View your properties remotely as if you were really there with interactive 360° footage of your properties. Making it easier than ever to manage your facilities remotely.

Check it out by viewing the video on the left - you can click and drag to look around.  
Using AI & robotics to Identify Issues On Campus
Encompass is currently piloting the use of quadruped robots and A.I. to automate onsite surveys of large facilities and campuses. This approach allows us to overlay technology as opposed to ripping and replacing existing infrastructure.
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