Our goal is to be indispensable to our customers

Established in 2004, Encompass delivers award-winning facility services to building operators with any facility makeup. Our unique combination of top facility professionals empowered by industry leading technology delivers a higher standard of facility management for our customers.
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Our mission

"Our mission is to create awesome experiences for people within the properties we maintain. We have assembled a community of professionals like none other, and the opportunity ahead for all Encompass customers, employees, and partners is enormous.”

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Marcell Haywood - CEO

Our values

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Trust and respect
At Encompass, we live by trust and respect both internally and externally. It is at the core of all of our relationships, and our community.
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Improve lives
At Encompass, we set out to improve the lives of the people not just within our company, but within the buildings and communities we serve.
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Continuous progress
We constantly strive to get better and provide the best outcomes possible for our customers. It is not that we are perfect, but we will always strive towards it.

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We have job and partnership openings all over the US. Join us.
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Encompass keeps important places and spaces ready, so people can live their best life. Our technology and services platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of every customer property. Especially yours.
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