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How to Save Money by Planning Your Periodic Facility Maintenance

There are many things you can do to save money at your facility. While there are a few more well known ways, like strategic sourcing and going green, there are other, lesser-known strategies that can save you just as much if not even more mula. Here’s how you can save money in the long term by planning your periodic facility maintenance.

Author: Marcell Haywood
Posted: Mar 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

1. Save costs from sourcing and managing each engagement.

Are you still using multiple vendors to maintain your facility? Consolidating services as opposed to carrying three or four extra suppliers can help streamline operational efficiency and save you money. Simply put, working with multiple contractors eats up both valuable time and money. It can also lead to a facility’s managed services being choppy and piecemeal as opposed to fluid and integrated. Furthermore, predictive planning allows you to know what service needs are coming down the pipeline in advance. Scheduling these services ahead of time will keep you from having to coordinate the service each time. According to over 10 years of data from The Hackett Group’s procurement benchmark database, consolidating suppliers within specific supply markets is a proven strategy to concentrate buying power and reduce purchase prices.

2. Save through preventative maintenance before things get critical.

By prioritizing preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to save money through reducing repair expenses, consumption of chemicals and perishables, and downtime and interruptions to day-to-day operations. According to DPSI, “the cost of a breakdown is anywhere from four to 15 times the cost of maintenance.” In other words, preventative as opposed to reactive maintenance is an easy way to boost your bottom line in the long run

3. Save with volume pricing by bulking multiple services.

Fewer suppliers means easier access to volume-based pricing. This is because you’ll be able to tap into the efficiencies gained by your preferred vendor in servicing your account. What’s more, bulking multiple services with your vendor of choice means you’ll see more annual incremental savings associated with purchase costs. These savings will be found in indirect spending, IT, general equipment and supplies, maintenance supplies, and more.

4. BONUS: Have happier customers because your facility looks good year-round.

A well-maintained facility year-round will mean happier customers. After all, appearances matter, especially when it comes to facility cleanliness.


How does more frequent servicing help your bottom line? It keeps your asset well-maintained and functioning properly, decreasing the likelihood it will malfunction or be in a state of disrepair and require more intensive, expensive servicing.

Instead of contracting for services like painting, floor care, grounds maintenance and window cleaning on a reactive, as-needed basis, be proactive! Plan to have these services performed on a regular basis and benefit from 10-30% savings as well as a better looking facility year round.

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