Our Quality Control Program

The Encompass Onsite Quality Control Program was designed to ensure reliable and consistent service performance based on how you and your company define success. Thanks to this program we’ve been able to achieve a 94% average QA score, a 96% average customer service rating, and 92% average customer satisfaction rating.

Our program can be broken down into five steps:

  1. Define Success as Partners  
  2. Outline SLAs and Process for Services
  3. Leverage Technology
  4. Dedicated Customer Support Team
  5. Ongoing Monitoring & Measurement, Plus Proactive Planning  

Step 1: Define Success as Partners  

Success can look different for each customer. We understand that your needs are unique and start each new customer relationship by getting to know what matters most to you. During onboarding we discuss and clearly define the KPIs and Metrics for success and identify your priorities and current pain points. Simply put, this step in the process can be broken down into these three outcomes:

  • Team Kick Off Meeting
  • KPIs& Metrics Defined
  • Priorities & Pain Points Identified

Step 2: Outline SLAs and Process for Services

Once we know what your priorities are, we get down to the nitty-gritty. This means we outline the SLAs and process for each service. This ensures that expectations are clearly defined, operations are standardized, and that our service professionals know exactly what to do when onsite. This process documentation also enables us to more effectively train our service professionals based on your explicit expectations. To summarize the outcome of this step:

  • Digital worktickets templates for various services
  • Process and task lists built into each ticket
  • Service professional training

Step 3: Leverage Technology

Modern Facility Director and Managers are being asked to do more with less. This is only feasible by leveraging technology. That’s why we provide a free CMMS to all our customers that can be used as your main management software OR seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. Our Encompass One platform is available on desktop and mobile app - it's our operational backbone and enables us to provide consistent, reliable, and scalable facility services nationwide. Whether you choose to work inside our system or stick with your existing software, our CMMS makes it not only easy to manage service tasks, but it also allows you to verify that services have been completed onsite and to requirements.  

  • Encompass One – Free CMMS Software with API integrations
  • Mobile App – Uses Geo-location to show you where work is being done
  • Visual Verification – Each workticket includes before and after photos, because seeing is believing

Step 4: Dedicated Customer Support Team

We know how important it is to be able to get in touch with a real person when you need something. That's why we make sure we have a team of people dedicated to being there for you. You'll know their names and numbers so you can always get in touch. Every customer will have a team comprised of at least three levels of support:

  • Service Professionals – People in the field completing tickets
  • Support Managers – People dedicated to keeping things on track and ensuring service quality
  • Customer Success Leadership – People who are there to proactively optimize your service program and ensure KPIs and Metrics are being met

Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring & Measurement, Plus Proactive Planning

Lastly, we know the work is never done and there is always room for progress. We’re not the type of company to rest on our laurels and point to past success. We know our customers appreciate our tenacious approach to quality assurance because they continue to renew with us. We’re extremely proud of our 98% customer retention rate because we believe it represents our customers’ trust in us.  

We build this trust by providing ongoing monitoring and measurement of our service performance and by being a proactive partner. Each workticket includes service verification and ratings so that we can consistently score ourselves and look for areas where we can do better. We even use this data to inform our service professional training programs. Customers can also expect regular QBRs during which we review our service performance against established KPIs and success metrics. Lastly, using the performance data from our platform we can proactively identify aspects in which your facilities are being under or over serviced. For example, if our team notices a small issue that can turn into a huge problem, like a crack in the sidewalk that can turn into a personal injury lawsuit and higher insurance premiums. We’ll flag this for you, even if it's a service not within your current service program. Likewise, if after reviewing service before/after photos our team realizes that you only need floor care bi-weekly instead of weekly, we’ll suggest a reduction in service cadence to help you cut costs and spend more efficiently.  

  • Service Verification and Service Ratings for worktickets
  • QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews)
  • Proactive Planning & Recommendations
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Our Quality Control Program
The Encompass Onsite Quality Control Program was designed to ensure reliable and consistent service performance based on how you and your company define success. Thanks to this program we’ve been able to achieve a 94% average QA score, a 96% average customer service rating, and 92% average customer satisfaction rating.
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